Australian Plumbing Industry magazine needs you!

Got an intriguing collection of plumbing memorabilia that the world just has to know about? Or the scoop on the next big thing in the industry? Perhaps you’re passionate about research in a particular area of plumbing and have a story to share?  

Here at Australian Plumbing Industry magazine, we are always on the lookout for great feature ideas for our magazine.

We’re pretty broad in our scope for submissions – topics can relate to anything from information on new technologies and changes to government policies, codes and regulations, to business advice, sustainability and the environment.

Please bear in mind submitted material needs to be useful and of benefit to our readers, generic press releases and product promotions will not be accepted as news stories. But there is always the option to spread your message by advertising with us.

To discuss content and feature ideas, or give us your feedback contact: [email protected]