As pioneers of a number of Ohs video campaigns, Worksafe Victoria are leading the charge to broadcast the Ohs message to a broad demographic. With the advancement of technology, videos, mobile Apps and even games are much more accessible, attainable and user friendly than a textbook of rules and regulations, especially when addressing a younger workforce, or those with limited literacy. Now to put these ideas into action...

How WorkSafe Victoria’s health and safety videos used clickbait to engage a younger audience

Faced with the issue of conveying the health and safety message to young people, sometimes you have to think outside the box. WorkSafe’s Senior Communications Advisor Sarah Tulloch was part of the team who were the driving force behind the 2016 Young Workers video campaign, targeting 15-24 year olds from high risk industries such as construction, manufacturing, retail and hospitality. Here she explains their strategy.

Here’s how they did it

“From January 2012 to December 2014, more than 4,000 young Victorian workers were injured on the job. Young people
in the workplace are vulnerable; they’re new to the working environment, inexperienced when it comes to work processes and have lower cognitive maturity. Crucially, they’re also vulnerable to serious injury – often requiring hospitalisation.

Young workers are digital natives.
They are used to a constantly changing world with access to everything at their fingertips. They are heavily engaged with the internet and social media through multiple devices. They require unique channels and styles of communication, and it’s critical they’re spoken to in a language they understand, and on platforms they use. Getting cut-through with this audience is challenging.But with minimal budget, how do you earn the attention of an ad-dodging audience with the dry subject of work safety?

Introducing The Click Bait Safety Announcements, WorkSafe lured young workers into knowing their rights.

“We leaked seemingly real CCTV footage online, accompanied by thumb-stopping headlines and screen grabs – catching people’s attention with the promise of a shocking workplace accident.

The videos were featured on popular websites such as Buzzfeed and posted anonymously on social media.

In just six weeks, and with a modest media investment, the Click Bait Safety Announcements campaign reached over nine million people, with an average completion rate of 71 per cent assisted by almost 200,000 actions on Facebook.

Our target audience’s dark fascination with the problem, presented the perfect solution. And we helped make sure they don’t become the next click bait story themselves.”

“The health and safety of young workers is important to everyone, and a strategic priority area for worksafe victoria. this campaign is designed to empower young workers and make them aware that a workplace injury could affect them for the rest of their lives.”

Meg Tempest, WorkSafe Communications Program Manager

Videos are working really well in terms of outreach but with new Apps and interactivity ever on the rise, it’s finally possible to take it one step further. Increasingly we are seeing smart innovations harnessing technology to explain and bring things to life on site. Master Plumbers Members may well have seen the Pro-Vis AR information sheets tacked up on worksites. Their interactive way they present health and safety information is impressive. We live in a world where print is no longer a static medium. If you’ve downloaded the app you will know how easy it is to hover over areas of the Pro-Vis paper and activate a portal to deeper information on health and safety issues like asbestos, PPE gear and working in confined spaces.

WorkSafe have done the same to accelerate their practical and easy to understand scissor and boom lift animation videos, targeted directly to the construction industry to make concepts easier to understand. QR code stickers are placed on the boom and scissor plant and links up to the educational animations via the worker’s mobile phone. All you need to do to access the information is download the App. Driven by animation, the videos are easy to understand – even if you don’t speak English.