Australia embraces Aquatechnik safety® system

They’ve been used in projects around the world – from hospitals in Italy, a multi-use stadium in Verona, luxury apartment buildings in Algeria, to a thermal water park in Slovenia – and now the polymer piping system from Italian manufacturer aquatechnik is being used in Australia.

The aquatechnik hot and cold water safety® system includes full flow fittings. It’s designed for potable hot and cold water, compressed air, HVAC, industrial, marine and agricultural use, with sizes from DN16 to DN63. The system has been created for easy assembly using affordable patented tooling.

It’s the only system in the world that completely avoids brass and metal ions coming into direct contact with water. All multi-calor pipes are a cross-linked polyethylene internal and external layer, with an aluminium layer in between. The layers are bonded using an adhesive compound designed to withstand the pipe enlargement during joint assembly.

“This system is designed to provide a highly effective, safe fluid distribution system that can be easily and quickly assembled on site,” says Rod Luker, General Manager of Aquatechnik Australia. “Since launching in Australia, the system has been used on a range of projects ranging from luxury homes in Sydney to industrial facilities.”

Unlike most multi-layer pipes, multi- calor’s aluminium layer is TIG butt welded (using a control camera) rather than lap jointed. The jointing process is simple and involves a one-step enlargement of the pipe head, ensuring fittings match the internal diameter of the pipe, which decreases pressure drops and friction losses. The safety® fittings are completely reusable and corrosion resistant.

The aquatechnik system is available direct from aquatechnik Australia, enabling plumbers to purchase a high-end quality product at an affordable price.

In addition, aquatechnik products can be purchased online at or by calling 1800 278 283. The website has a range of resources including product information and catalogues, and videos of the safety® system being assembled.