Aquatechnik Safety – it’s lead free, full flow and leak proof

Quick to use, reliable and safe, the lead free, full flow and leak proof polymer piping safety system from Italian manufacturer aquatechnik has been used successfully in projects all around the world. From hospitals in Italy, luxury apartment buildings in Algeria and a thermal water park in Slovenia, the polymer piping system is now being widely used in Australia.

Tried and tested since 2000, aquatechnik’s Safety System is the first and only system in the world that completely avoids brass and metal ions coming into direct contact with water, avoiding any lead contamination.

The system has been created for easy assembly using affordable patented tooling, includes full flow fittings. It’s designed for potable hot and cold water, compressed air, HVAC, industrial, marine and agricultural use, with sizes from DN16 to DN63.

‘Since launching in Australia the system has been used on a range of residential and commercial projects. As evidenced by the types of international projects where aquatechnik has been used, it has great flexibility,’ says Rod Luker, General Manager aquatechnik Australia.

Proud to be lead free, the Safety System is processed by expanding the pipe head and inserting a fitting that is the same nominal bore size as the pipe. This ensures flow rates are optimised and the system is much quieter since water turbulence caused by small bore fittings inside pipes is completely avoided.

Over time, calcification inside piping systems using metallic fittings can also occur, which can further reduce flow rates. This does not happen with the Safety System as the PPSU fittings do not react with water in the way that metallic fittings do.

A simple one step expansion of the pipe head using the patented aquatechnik tool is all that is needed to ensure a fast, safe, leak proof joint every time. If you make an error in measurement, you can easily remove the fitting, cut the pipe, re-process the pipe expansion and
reuse the fitting. There is absolutely no wastage.

The aquatechnik system is available direct from by calling 1800 278 283.