Armacell Australia launches Arma ex® Solar UT – UV-resistant pipe insulation for high temperatures

Armacell Australia has launched a new product for the insulation of pipelines on solar water heaters – Arma ex® Solar UT. Arma ex® Solar UT combines technical performance with UV resistance for high temperature applications such as ow and return lines of solar hot water systems. Arma ex® Solar UT is a exible closed-cell pipe insulation, speci cally designed and tested for high temperature applications (up to 150°C) and long-term outdoor exposure.

Armacell is committed to providing Australian plumbers with the highest quality based on the latest German engineered technology, ensuring they meet or exceed the regulatory requirements across Australia and New Zealand.

Arma ex® Solar UT is available in a thickness of 15mm to achieve an R-value suitable for all external ow and return piping in Climate regions A and B, as required by AS/NZS 3500.4 Plumbing and Drainage – Heated Water Services (Section 8).

Made from EPDM material, Arma ex® Solar UT withstands the excessive temperatures throughout the year to protect against high temperatures, help save energy and e ectively reduce the hazard of very hot pipes.

For a complete and professional installation, Arma ex® Solar UT tape and adhesive is available for high temperature applications.

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