Aussie Pumps and Kennards have jetters for hire

Kennards Hire, Australia’s most innovative hire company, has recently introduced a new range of drain cleaning jetters to its equipment hire fleet. The machines, part of the Aussie Cobra product range made by Aussie Pumps, offer fast, efficient drain cleaning.

Boasting a powerful 4,000 psi pressure capability, the Aussie Cobra range has changed the way drains are cleared by using high pressure and lower flows. ‘Most rental companies offer conventional old-style drain cleaning gear that has been on the market for 30 or 40 years’, said Aussie Pumps’ Product Manager, Mal Patel. ‘These new machines represent an incredible breakthrough in efficiency, timesaving and safety’, he said.

The Cobra Jetter will unblock drains of up to six inches with ease, clearing chokes fast. Best of all, operators don’t need to be certified as the machine comes within the guidelines of “A class” classification within the new Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards.

It’s great that now, professional plumbers have access to these superior drain cleaners without having to buy them, just by renting from Kennards Hire.

Kennards Hire expects the introduction of the new drain cleaning jetters to appeal to plumbers, handyman services and maintenance contractors. Food processing plants, councils and even chemical plants will also benefit from these new products. It means that blocked drains, often causing health issues and unpleasant smells can be dealt with fast.

The Cobra range is available from Kennards Hire branches throughout Australia.

For further information contact Helen Mahoney on 02 8865 3500.