Tsurumi grinder pumps offer cost savings over conventional effluent pumps because they reduce the size of the solids passed using a ‘grinder’ process.

Although this is not a radical new technology the new Tsurumi grinders landed by Australian Pumps offer users significant advantages. Tsurumi, the world’s leader in submersible pumps, has developed their MG series of grinder pumps for efficient effluent handling. The pumps chop effluent passing through into small pieces. This ensures the wastewater passes through the pump allowing the use of narrow discharge pipes.

“Tsurumi’s breakthrough grinder design enables effluent to be transferred through cost effective one and a half inch and two inch pipes at high pressures. This means the pumps deliver higher heads for moving wastewater further distances,” said Aussie Pumps Product Manager Bob Massiah. “Chopping the solids smaller also means the waste breaks down faster and more efficiently,” he said.

The three phase, two pole cast iron pumps are available with 32mm and 50mm discharge ports. The 50mm pump has a maximum head of 35 metres (50 psi) and a capacity of up to 320 lpm. Tsurumi developed special high torque, two pole motors for these pumps that can start up even when the pump chamber is filled with solids laden liquid.

“Tsurumi also offer a three year warranty on submersible sewage pumps,” said Massiah.

Further information on the complete range of Tsurumi submersible pumps is available on the Australian Pump website aussiepumps.com.au or you can also contact Tsurumi Product Manager Bob Massiah on (02) 8865 3500 or Aussie Pumps’ Helen Mahoney (02) 8865 3500.