Aussie Pumps present premium pump for plumbers

Tsurumi LB series are premium pumps specifically designed for general dewatering tasks. Distributed by Aussie Pumps, the compact single phase submersibles are popular with plumbers because they handle dry running.

‘Tsurumi’s LB series are the leading construction/rental pump in the USA for good reason. They’re extremely tough and can be left to run dry without failing,’ said Neil Bennett, Aussie Pumps’ Tsurumi product manager. ‘We’ve even seen examples of 20 year old pumps that are still running,’ he said.

The pump’s ability to run dry comes from two main features. The motors are fitted with a self-resetting thermal cut out. The silicon carbide mechanical seals are protected in an oil chamber that prevents them overheating and extends their life.

Weighing in at only 10 kgs, the LB pumps produce flows of up to 200L per minute and maximum heads to 10.5m. The pumps are powered by a single phase 0.48kW, capacitor start electric motor, and come with 10m of heavy duty submersible cable.

The LB series are loaded with features designed to give operators the best possible long life and low maintenance outcomes. They are backed with a Tsurumi three year warranty.

Further information on the complete range of Tsurumi LB series pumps is available at