Drought drives Jetter demand

Drought alarm bells are ringing throughout Australia as the country faces some of the lowest rainfall and highest average temperatures in decades. As trees seek moisture from cracked drains and sewer lines, plumbers will need a high pressure drain cleaning jetter to keep up with the increased workload.

It is estimated that there are 100,000 plumbers without drain cleaning jetters. Investing in a high quality, high pressure jetter can prove to be extremely cost effective, both financially and physically.

Designed by plumbers, for plumbers, a high quality jetter like the Aussie King Cobra Vanguard will make short work of drains blocked by tree roots.

Producing a huge 5,000 psi and 25 litre per minute flow, the King Cobra Vanguard is capable of clearing 200mm (8”) drain pipes. The machine also comes with a complete seven piece Aussie Jetters Nozzle Box featuring the Turbo Root Mulcher, which vibrates and rotates as it goes through the pipe.

All Aussie Pumps jetters are fitted with a heavy duty hose reel set up and include a 60 m ¼” R8 high quality sewer hose with superior flexibility. This enables plumbers to target difficult to access locations and eliminates the laborious and time consuming task of digging trenches.

Further information on the King Cobra Vanguard is available by contacting (02) 9986 1186 or visiting aussiepumps.com.au