Introducing the new GAS 18V-10 L vacuum from Bosch Blue

Cordless vacuuming with optimum suction

  • Sustained suction power due to Rotational Airflow Technology
  • Excellent mobility combined with 10 litre capacity
  • Maximum versatility with wet or dry vacuuming

Bosch Blue is expanding its range of professional cordless vacuums with the introduction of the GAS 18-10 L vacuum.

Trade professionals can now experience powerful vacuuming on-the-go thanks to an impressive maximum airflow of 24 litres/second and a maximum runtime of 24 minutes (6.0Ah battery).

Unlike other vacuums in its class which decrease in suction power over time, the GAS 18V-10 L can sustain suction power for longer – thanks to Bosch Blue’s innovative Rotational Airflow Technology.

Suitable for any wet or dry applications, the GAS vacuum is compact and lightweight, making it easy to handle and transport around the worksite. For added convenience, the storage container’s sleek, semi-transparent design enables perfect visibility of the container’s capacity.

With an impressive 10 litre volume and a HEPA Filter that captures 99.99 per cent of all dust, the GAS 18V-10 L is one of the most efficient mobile vacuums on the market. It also comes with 80cm of pipe, 160cm of hose, and multiple nozzle attachments, making it extremely versatile, even in tough working conditions.

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