Hansen rain relief valves for tanks

Do you have a rainwater tank? Do you worry about running out of rainwater during dry weather?

Sometimes Nature’s reserves don’t quite have enough to meet our everyday rainwater requirements. On those occasions, the Hansen rain relief valve provides what’s needed.

If the tank’s rainwater level drops below minimum, the relief valve opens to supplement the tank’s water from an alternative source such as the mains water supply.

If it rains the next day and you just filled up your rainwater tank with mains water, you can rely on the Hansen rain relief valve to act intuitively. It will only increase the water level by either 50 or 100mm, depending on float orientation. So you only add a small amount of water to your rainwater tank to stop it running dry.

The Hansen rain relief valve provides a reliable solution with peace of mind.

  • Never have an empty rainwater tank again
  • Supplement your tank with an alternative water supply
  • Only add minimal amounts of water from an alternative source during dry weather spells to prevent your tank from running dry.
  • Only pump water when you need to and save on water costs

With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing fittings and valves, Hansen products are a benchmark for high quality products and excellent customer service.

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