New Rheem METRO 26L Continuous Flow

The new Rheem Australia Metro 26L continuous-flow hot water heater is a major step forward that sets some new performance and features standards in the category.

It is one of the most compact 26L continuous flow units available – 520mm high by 355mm wide and 187mm deep, ideal for tight installations. Its look is a departure from the norm, with concealed screws and a new designer colour.

Rheem Metro 26L can operate on a minimum water flow of only two litres per minute, and minimum water pressure as low as 120 kPa.

Hot water flow at cold start up is significantly improved, while still aiding in saving water.

It can be fitted with a standard or extended flue diverter for problem installations. Able to be fitted as left or right-handed and with a fixed heat shield for added homeowner safety, these diverters now come as an accessory to fit onto the standard Rheem 26 natural gas model (no special model required).

50°C temperature-limited Rheem METRO 26 models can be adjusted up to 53°C, for hotter water while still ensuring regulatory compliance.

The digital OK monitor now shows the set hot water temperature, in addition to error codes for easy servicing should a fault occur.

Rheem Flamesafe® overheat protection means the unit will automatically shut down if it overheats. Optional temperature controllers are available for Kitchen and Bathroom, for convenience and added safety.

With 2 units linked by Rheem EZ Link®, up to 52L per minute delivery of hot water is possible, to suit heavy demand situations.

The 10 year Heat Exchanger warranty provides consumers with added peace of mind in addition to the improved hot water performance.

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