Leading water heater manufacturer Rheem Australia has increased its Rheem Electric cylinder warranty to an unrivalled 12 years across 80-400L models – the best cylinder warranty in the business. The new 12-year cylinder warranties cover:

• Rheem VE Electric (80L/125L/160L/250L/315L and 400L*)
• Rheem Plus (50˚ C temperature limited range: 125-315L)
• The full Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel Electric range (50-315L).

“These Rheem cylinders are engineered and manufactured here in Australia for the ultimate quality, reliability and durability. We are proud to now offer class-leading warranties that are two years more than any other VE electric water heater,” said John Wilkins,

Rheem Australia Product Marketing Manager.

For more information, visit www.rheem.com.au