SABdrain’s modern surface water drainage system is packed with sophisticated features, making it one of the most versatile, durable and convenient systems on the market.

Engineered to meet contemporary challenges and standards, SABdrain’s systems are devised in accordance with a design blueprint to meet professional requirements. SABdrain offers the perfect combination of performance, durability and convenience.

Key features
• Interlocking joining system
Allowing units to easily be assembled without additional fittings, saving you time and money.
• Superior Hydraulic Performance
Say goodbye to silt deposit build-ups with the drainage system’s smooth round internal face engineered to achieve maximum fluidity and provide high flow rates with minimal turbulence.
• Pre-set pipe connections make installation easy
Simply cut through present pipe connections grafted on the base and sides of the SABDrain unit and fix in your PVC fittings.
• Secured Grate Fixings
Installed with an intact locking system, the grate fixings prevent unauthorised access or displacement during vehicular movements.
• Durability
Engineered for structural rigidity, SABdrain water drainage systems demonstrate high strength under extreme loads with a class rating
complying with AS3996-2006.
• Chemical, rust and corrosion resistant
Designed to provide high chemical resistance against acids, salts, alkaline, fuels, oils and other chemical agents, the drainage system is also protected from rust and corrosion.
• A range of grate materials
Materials include pressed metal, plastic, cast iron, galvanised metal or stainless steel.
• Ecofriendly
Manufactured using environmentally friendly practices, you get a quality solution without disturbing the ecosystem.

With these great features it’s easy to see why SABdrain water drainage systems are the trusted choice for plumbers! Call 1300 475 169 for more!