SEWERQUIP Pty Ltd – Introducing the NEW and compact ute mount water jetter

Sewerquip Pty Ltd have recognised the need for a compact durable high pressure water jetting machine that can be easily mounted to plumbers’ utes, while taking up the least amount of room possible.

We have designed the new Sewerjett Raider that can be easily mounted to a standard tray without taking up valuable space.

The new Sewerjett Raider boasts a huge 24lpm/5000psi performance which has an effective cleaning range for 50-225mm pipes and comes complete with all the accessories required to effectively start cleaning drains.

With twin reels mounted directly to the unit, fixing to your vehicle is a breeze minus the expensive fit-out required with remote reels. The garden reel houses the 25m of 19mm water feed hose, and the high pressure reel houses the 60m of high quality jetting hose.

The package includes a nozzle box with the renowned Rootax controlled rotation root cutter and a selection of jetting heads. A 15m 1/8 whip hose and hand lance are supplied to enable you to clean 40-50mm pipes.

Simply bolt this impressive unit down to your ute, truck, trailer or van and you are ready to start professionally jetting those blocked drains!

For more info on the Sewerjett Raider please contact Troy Wiggins [email protected] or call 1800 816 830.