The Evolution MkIII Pump comes as an integrated unit with a made to measure Kingspan AQUAPLATE® rainwater tank. It has a powerful Grundfos Submersible Pump and PM Rain Controller that work together to improve performance and efficiency of the water tank system.

The unit fits neatly on top of and inside the tank, instead of on the wall, resulting in a more efficient use of space and a better overall appearance. Not only does it improve the appearance of the water tank system for the home or business owner, it also has the added
advantage of being quick and easy to install, dramatically reducing installation times leading to reduced costs. The pump and mains by-pass controller are integrated with the tank by simply connecting the copper rough ins to the compression fittings on the lid. The Evolution MkIII sources rainwater for applications such as toilets, laundry and gardens. If the tank is empty, or there is a power outage, the Evolution MkIII automatically switches to the mains water, ensuring continued water supply.

Other features of the Evolution MkIII include:

• Dual check valve for backflow protection
• Pump only used when water is available in the tank and doesn’t operate when controller is switched to mains
• Mains pressure reduction for water conservation
• Water source indicator lights
• Automatic pump and controller operation
• Silent once submerged
• Built in thermal overload and dry running protection
• Corrosion resistant components
• Environmentally friendly in saving water, reducing flow to stormwater systems and no repumping of mains water
• 4 year warranty
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