Viega’s press- fit plumbing systems speed construction at Barangaroo

On the edge of the famous Sydney Harbour and at the heart of Barangaroo’s brand new commercial district, there are three high rise office towers currently under construction that will become a new corporate centre for the Asia- Pacific region.

Developed by Lendlease and designed by internationally acclaimed architects, the three commercial towers at Barangaroo are ready to set new benchmarks for sustainable workplace design.

Called International Towers Sydney, the towers sit at an impressive 49 floors, 43 floors and 39 floors respectively.
All three mechanical contractors, Axis, Brown & Moodie and Sydmec, plus the hydraulic contractor, used Viega’s Propress technology during the construction process.

After initially considering another approach, Viega’s innovative and highly efficient press- fit technology won out.

“Productivity was the main reason for the change from brazing to Viega press- fit as there is a lot of time lost moving oxyacetylene bottles vertically between floors – it is more efficient to use press- fit,” explains Rob Elliot, NSW State Manager for Axis Plumbing. Viega the preferred solution Brown & Moodie, another contractor working on the project, also supported the use of Viega’s press- fit technology.

“Viega’s Propress was already approved and preferred by the consultants and engineers as a superior product,” says Quentin Brown, Brown & Moodie Project Manager.

“The best thing about the Viega Propress system is that it offers fast, flexible and safe copper pipework installation to overcome the challenges of working on such a large scale project,” says Rob.

“The technology also works with the elimination of fire/ flame/hot work permits.”

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