Still soldering on? You might be missing a trick

With Viega’s Propress technology, work can be completed up to 75 per cent more quickly than using conventional soldering procedures. Ultimately, only three steps are required: cut the pipe, press and finish. Laborious preparation and finishing work such as drying pipes and removing traces of fire and solder is suddenly no longer required.

Where previous soldering installations may have required at least two plumbers to carry out the work, press connection is often a one-man job.

As any professional plumber will know, there are jobs where due to the risk of fire, soldering is not an option. And in confined or awkward spaces, it can be difficult or even hazardous.

As a cold applied solution, press fitting offers a safer and cleaner alternative to hot works and allows a secure connection even where space around the pipe is limited.

Viega’s double pressing technique – one before the seam and one after – guarantees long lasting stability in the pipe system. And the Smart Connect- Feature technology included in products across the Viega range also ensures maximum leak detection. Unpressed connections are guaranteed to be noticed when filling the installation.

And thanks to the flexible articulated press jaws, they can easily be used in even hard to reach installations without causing a fire hazard. Assembly work in hard to reach places is considerably easier as the press tool can be applied into almost any angle required with its 180o pivoting head.

These products are:

  • Tried and tested all around the world
  • Up to 75 per cent quicker than soldering
  • Easy to assemble in three steps with no preparation or finishing works required
  • Cold connection technology with no risk of fire
  • Reliable and stable for the long term
  • 100 per cent reliable for leak detection
  • Subject to no running costs for solder, oxygen and gas bottles
  • The ideal solution for hard to reach jobs

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